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University of Meiji Hosts Leader of the Revolution in Intellectual Lecture


The Japanese University of Meiji Tuesday hosted the Leader of the Revolution in an intellectual lecture via video link to the students and teaching staff of the University's Faculty of Disarmament and Peace.

The theme of the lecture to the second oldest university in Japan was about Africa and attempts by foreign powers to intervene in its internal affairs.
The Leader analyzed in his lecture Japan's political dependency of America which deprived it from being a useful power with Africa and the world ..explaining that such dependency undermined the vital interests and Japan's relations with the wider world which it needed.

The Leader noted that there was an awakening in Japan to restore its dignity surrendered by lack on liberation from American hegemony despite the fact that Japan's technological advancement.

The Leader also analyzed the premises that placed a question mark on the future of Japan and its position on the coming world map forming up in spaces.
The lecture was ensued by an intellectual debate between the Leader and the students and the staff of the university on the strategy of US President Barrack Obama in Afghanistan, the concept of education in the Jamahiriya theory and the radical solution of the Middle East problem which the Leader presented in the White Book.

The University of Meiji , second largest and oldest Japanese university, introduces the Leader of the Revolution President of the African Union, in a political intellectual lecture via satellite.

Tripoli, 16 December 2009

The University of Meiji in Tokyo, the second largest and oldest university in Japan introduced the Leader of the Revolution, President of the African Union in an intellectual political lecture via satellite for the members of teaching staff and students of peace studies and the disarmament college with focus on Africa and the conflict of foreign powers to exploit it in this era and their interferences in its internal affairs.
In his lecture the Leader analyzed the submissive role of Japanese policy towards America in depriving this great nation from being a useful force with Africa and the world. He revealed that this submission hurt vital Japanese interests and harmed Japan's relations with other nations which look forward to Japan.
In this respect the Leader pointed to the awakening which has emerged in Japan recently to regain its dignity which had been undermined for not being liberated from American hegemony despite Japan's technical supremacy and the creativity and innovativeness of its people. The Leader also analyzed the criteria concerning the questions about the future of Japan and its status in the coming world map which constitutes various spaces and blocs.
The lecture was followed by an intellectual political debate between the Leader of the Revolution, professors and students at the college. This handled the new American strategy of the US president Barack Obama in Afghanistan, the concept of education and instruction the Jamahiriya theory, the radical and historical solution of the Middle East problem presented by the Leader to the World in the White Book.

The lecture enjoyed a massive audience that exceeded 750 students and members of the teaching staff as well as foreign diplomats in Japan. Professor Konjo Fokuda, the dean of the college of peace and disarmament studies in the University of Fiji said that the Leader's lecture at this university is an unprecedented affair on the Asian continent and its impact would not be limited to Japan but would encompass the whole world.

After the lecture the students and members of the teaching staff in the university declared their intention to establish a Qadhafi chair for peace studies to teach the Jamahiri theory of Muammar Al Qadhafi in this old Japanese university which was established in 1881 and graduated around half a million graduates who contributed to the leadership of the political community in Japan.

After listening to the explanations of the Leader for the one-state solution (Isratin) which he presented to the world in the Green Book they also declared that theyw ould translate this book at the university into the Japanese language to publish it on a wide scale.

During this intellectual interview they presented several invitations to the Leader of the Revolution to visit Japan and said that the Peace and Disarmament Centre in the University of Meiji becomes an instrument of the promotion of relations between the Great Jamahiriya and Libya.

Professor Fukuda, the dean of the Peace and Disarmament Faculty in the University of Fiji introduced the Leader to deliver his lecture to members of staff and students by saying:

Your Excellency, the Leader Muammar Al Gaddafi, Leader of the Revolution, President of the African Union: Your courageous historic speech to the UN General Assembly in September made the Japanese people highly enthusiastic for your vision. Our University of Meiji is proud of its long history that started in 1881 as it had been established by three people in their thirties and since than this university graduated around half a million students who participated in the leadership of the Japanese political community. The University has relations with more than 97 university and research institutions in 29 countries around the world.

This university graduates around 31,000 students annually. The university has so far graduated two prime ministers in Japan such as prime minister Meiki and Prime Minister Morojama who offered an apology for the Japanese colonialist history. Therefore we consider our university as a friend of the world.
Our university is honoured by your acceptance of its invitation to be the first institution to be honoured by the first lecture you deliver in Asia. Today we would like to hear you for the first time in Asia and we are confident that your words will have impacts not only in Japan but throughout the world generally.
This interview is not of interest to the students and members of the teaching staff only but it will be one of the most interesting events in their whole life. We are quite aware of your excellencies efforts to promote African development and to achieve peace and disarmament and your advocacy of liberation and human freedom across the world. You Excellency, the Leader of the Revolution we introduce you without any further ado. We are keen to listen to you with lots of thanks and appreciation.

The Leader delivered the following lecture which he started by saying firstly good morning my sons the students of the University of Meiji and teaching staff of this old university.

I thank Professor Fukuda for introducing me and organizing this. I thank all those working in it for their interest in Africa.

I would like to say to you briefly that Africa unfortunately is a destroyed continent due to the slavery era. Then the colonial era and now the exploitation era by foreign powers and by interferences in its internal affairs.

The whole of the African continent was violated and tortured and became the bottom in everything due to the evil actions by others, particularly the whites, the racists and colonialists. And now those institutions of Western exploitation and Zionism are robbing the continent. Unfortunately it is living in misery. There are diseases, backwardness, desertification and drought due to the gas emissions by the factories of the industrial states and the pollution of the atmosphere which causes global warming. All that has its impacts on Africa.

Unfortunately they now consider the African continent as a prey and they are scrambling over it. America has come in a very tough manner through Africom and it is alluding to military bases, oil discovery and the protection of oil by force as if Africa has no nations and as if it has no future.

On the other hand China has also entered in a soft manner. The entry of China is not as tough as that of America but it appears that China wants to depopulate Africa and immigrate the Chinese population to Africa. The total surface area of Africa is 32m square km. Its population is less than a billion. Africa has a vacuum that could absorb the surplus of population from India and China. Unfortunately Africa is being subjected to an operation of cold invasion of this kind. Japan has no surplus of population to migrate to Africa and does not enter forcibly like America.

America is interfering in domestic affairs and it is alluding to the establishment of military bases and intervention in the elections and the system of government and all those things which are not applied in America are being sought for Africa. They say why don't you try that form of this form even though they do not apply it themselves but they want to apply it to Africa.

This is the situation of Africa. Japan has nothing of this. It is not like China which wants to migrate population. It is not like America which is a vicious military power.

Japan could have access in a very soft manner. It could have beneficial access of it co-operated with Africa. But unfortunately there is something of vital important. I used to avoid speaking to my Japanese friends at all levels because my speech to them might embarrass them. I always speak frankly and I expose the facts to the nations. I do not hold favours in these issues of destiny and when I speak about Japan I know my talk will be critical and embarrassing. This is why I avoided any interviews even with the Japanese media so as not to be embarrassing for my Japanese friends.

And now as you have asked me to speak to you and I am thankful I say that Japan could become a beneficial force. It could benefit from Africa and from the world. But unfortunately and you have to accept it from me because you have made me embarrassed in talking to you. Japan is not considered a country which has a free will. It was subjected to American occupation in the Second World War and was hit by two atomic bombs and was terrorised by this lethal weapon. It was brought to its knees and totally subjected to the vicious American power following the use of this lethal weapon which is the atomic bomb.

Since that time tens of thousands of American soldiers are occupying Japan now. The declared number is 50,000 American soldiers occupying Japan with air bases and American navies in the sea of Japan.

Since WW2 and up to now and up to very recently I don't know exactly when Japan had been totally subjected to American hegemony as if it was a colony. It had been subjected to American occupation in WW2.

Germany was similar to Japan to a large extent. Such a situation is highly degrading for a great nation like Japan and a great nation like Germany as it has been imposed on them not to get arms and not to establish an army like other countries of the world.
Up to now there is fear when people talk about the Japanese army or the Japanese armed forces because this is forbidden. People have to say self defence forces or something like this. This is highly degrading. Why shouldn't Japan have the right to possess Japanese armed forces or a Japanese air force or a Japanese navy. All this has been forbidden in order to degrade Japan.
Japan has its armed forces but nobody says its armed forces. They talk about national defence forces or something of this kind. This is an insult. It is intolerable.

The Japanese people are creative people. They are capable of competing with America in technology. They compete with Europe and China. Japan is a great nation. It has to live respectfully with its head held high. What astonishes me is that America struck Japan with an atomic bomb and the impact of this bomb is still there but Japanese are still friendly with the Americans and this is curious. How can you befriend the one who struck you with the atomic bomb, or insulted you before the whole world and imposed humiliating restrictions upon you until this moment. How could you be friends with those who killed your fathers, grandfathers and your relatives.

I am not calling for animosity between Japan and America. Never. You should not understand something like this. But I am astonished why they say Japan is an ally and friend of America. If this is really there it has been imposed by force. I don't think the Japanese in their hearts love America and I don't think Japan could become an ally of America.

Canada or Mexico could become allies to America. But Japan is a Far Eastern state. It could become an ally of China, Russia or the Philippines. But it could not possibly be an ally of America unless that had been imposed by force/
In recent years and following the defeat of the liberal party in the elections I believe voices are emerging and books are being written. When would Japan liberate itself from its surrogacy to America and when would it say 'no'.
These books were published recently and they indicate there is an awakening in Japan. There is revival and a search for dignity in a country which had been humiliated. I would like to say I am expressing dismay that Japan, despite its technical power and the ability of its people, their creativity and innovation, their dignity and pride has not been restored. Japan is not liberated and it is still an American colony and an American surrogate. You should have expelled American forces immediately from Japan. Japan should have stood as an equal to America. And Japan should become free to produce the arms to protect itself and to defend itself.

Of course I am against armaments I support total disarmament. This project which is being adopted by one your colleges is disarmament and peace and I support this discipline. But if America gave itself the right to possess the atomic bomb then Japan would have been the first country in the world to possess atomic weapons because it was damaged by this weapon. It should have a nuclear weapon not to be hit once again.

Unless Japan is liberated from American hegemony and unless it is an independent and possesses the power to defend itself and peace in the world then the high technology achieved by the Japanese is not beneficial. And all these fast potentials in Japan are not made use of, particularly as Japan has no energy resources. But it is a highly innovative and creative country. It needs to be supplied by power resources from abroad and needs raw materials from abroad. But if it has no free will it could not move in this area/
I am following closely the policies of Japan. I follow all its political stances. For example Jana does not adopt the UN stances unless they are in support of America and unless they are the stances sought by America and this is very insulting.

Japan may have interests like China, India, North Korea, Russia or Libya.. But America Always adopts a different stance for these countries in the United Nations. That means Japan is against its interests because it is obliged to take a different stance for other countries only to support the American stance. This case is a service to American policy and it is undermining Japanese relations with the other countries which Japan is in need of.
Let us suppose Japan is importing oil from Libya and it needs such energy. But America tells the United Nations to stand against Libya and asks Japan to have a stance against Libya whereas Japan's interests are not against Libya. It has interest in importing oil from Libya. But America says I do not care about Japan's interests. I only care about America's interests and Japan has to vote with America against Libya despite Japan's interests. This is just an example. It does not mean Libya in particular. This is unfortunate. Japan has its own vital interests which are threatened because of it surrogacy to America.
I see the world as being shaped in new maps. It could be like what we have in this map. The world in the future will be like the European Union which is being established as a semi state and it will become a state with one currency and there could be one army, one central bank and one foreign policy. Now we are shaping the African Union in the same lines as the European Union. We want to make it as one state in future.

Also Latin America is being shaped and it could become a union. One bloc for South America and North America could become one state. The United States is one large state and one vast space in addition to Canada. The NAFTA region could become like a state.

Then we come to the other side to Asia where we have the Russian federation. This is a state in itself and there is also China which is another giant. There is the so-called SARC the community of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Maldives and in future when animosity is removed between Pakistan and India we will have one state. There is also ASEAN which includes Indonesia, Malaysia, the ten known countries are being established. They are shaping themselves including the Philippines. Therefore Japan becomes isolated and we don't know in what state North Korea and South Korea will become. Anyhow the world is being shaped. Where would Japan be. It doesn't have bloc on its own but it needs to be within one bloc. If there were no problems between the two Koreas and between North Korea and Japan these states may have formulated a bloc between them.

In general the situation of Japan in the forthcoming map of the world has a question mark. There is a question mark about where Japan would be. It is not in China, not in the Russian Federation, not in ASEAN, not in SARC. It is not in the European Union, not in the African Union, not in the American Federation nor in South America. This is something you have to think about. Where would Japan be. As for America it does not want Japan to seek its future. It wants Japan to remain as such. A satellite state of America and in order to use the international arena and in the United Nations as if it is an American reserve.
The American forces are present in Japan to terrorise the Japanese. They say if you go left or right we will show you and we will give you a lesson as we did in WW2. You have to remember that we are there. This situation which we have is a fact and it is regrettable. I thank you for raising this question and I believe I have tried to provide an answer to this issue.

Thank you my sons the students, thank you Professor Fukoda. If you have any questions I am ready.

The following political dialogue took place between the Leader of the Revolution and the University students and teachers:

Speaker: Thank you very much Your Excellency the Leader. I have the following question. Even though African countries have a lot of natural resources which everybody needs the rate of growth and prosperity on the African continent is quite low. What is the reasons for this economic failure despite being very rich in natural resources.

The Leader: This is what I have said and I have answered this. I said Africa is in a very bad situation because of the past era of slavery. Then the era of colonisation and the era of interferences and foreign exploitation. That is the reason. There is also the impact of climate change. The industrial countries are damaging the climate and this damage is reflected on the African continent, the rate of desertification and so forth. I said that Japan could assist Africa if Japan were free. But Japan is not free in managing its affairs. It is not free in establishing relations with other countries because of American domination over Japan.
These are the reasons which I explained. Thank you.

Question: Your Excellency the Leader: Recently Obama's administration decided to increase the number of American troops in Afghanistan but I believe such an increase would not help. The situation in Japan will soar and it will become a quagmire. Nothing will be solved. I personally am against this increase of troops. What is the position Your Excellency, the Leader.

The Leader: Thank you. The situation of course is quite clear now. President Barack Obama has himself declared that he would withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2011 roughly and this has become established. The increase or decrease of troops would mean nothing from Afghanistan as he will withdraw from 2012. This will be the case even if he increases his troops. And he justified the sending of 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan in order to be able to withdraw in 2012.
This means that the military withdrawal is being covered and certainly the generals are the ones who recommended and advised Obama to do this. In the military when you want to withdraw from a place you increase the troops and you intensify the attack to cover the withdrawal so as to withdraw peacefully. Therefore you have to direct intense fire on the enemy to distract him from following the withdrawal process or undermining it.

Therefore the 30,000 additional troops are like a cover for the American strategic withdrawal from Afghanistan. And I believe that Obama in particular is different from other American presidents. He has denounced the Vietnam war. He denounced the Iraq war. He announced he would withdrawal from Iraq and viewed it as a mistaken war. No American president has said any such thing in the past. I wish President Obama says the same thing about Japan and withdraws his troops. I would like him to say Japan is a free country. We have struck it with atomic bombs and we are colonising it once again. This is not right.
Of course this depends on the Japanese people. In Afghanistan they justified their presence by the attack of 9/11. In any case they will not remain as a trustee for Afghanistan nor the security of Afghanistan. He denounced the government of Afghanistan and said it is a corrupt government. He said we will not remain guardians of Afghanistan and Afghanistan has to shoulder the responsibility for its security by itself. We merely offer assistance but we will withdraw our forces. All this is logical. All his analyses and his attempts to handle American international policy is in fact logical up to now. I am satisfied at Obama's policies in contrast to all other American presidents with whom I was always in dispute and there were hostilities. In the Reagan era that led to war, thank you my son.

Speaker: A question to your Excellency. I have read the Green Book and there are some things on education and instruction. What do you mean by that. What is the main objective of instruction. We have a debate in Japan at present over instruction and education. What is the main goal you are seeking through education and instruction? Can you give us some examples.

The Leader: My son the Green Book talks about education but your question is not very specific. I did not get what you mean exactly. The Leader read out what the third chapter of the Green Book says about education which says that education is not that organised curricula or classified lessons which the youth have to learn in fixed hours in rows of chairs inside the class as you are now sitting or in books. This form of education which is dominant throughout the world is against freedom. The much vaunted obligatory education throughout the world is one of the reasons for the suppression of freedom and it is a compulsive distortion of the talents of people. And this is sort of obligatory directing and guiding others and their options. This is a dictatorial act that kills freedom because it prevents people from free choice, creativity and talent. It is dictatorial to oblige someone to learn a specific course.

It is dictatorial to impose specific subjects to teach people. The obligatory education and the systematic education curricula are like a forced cover up. You impose ignorance on the masses.

All countries that specify education courses through formal education curricula and force the people are countries that practise tyranny against their people. All forms of education now practised in the world must be demolished by an international cultural revolution to liberate the human mentality from all forms of bigotry and the deliberate adaptation of tastes and mentalities. This does not mean the shutting down of the educational system as this as some shallow minds might understand. It is not preventing people from education. It is on the contrary. It is to provide society with all forms of education and let the people chose freely what they want to learn.

This requires that all educational institutions must provide all forms of knowledge and the lack of providing what is enough means to curb peoples freedom and to force them to learn specific knowledge.

If your question is in this respect.........I mean that every country could establish a formal curricula or formal course of study but what the Green Book says all forms of knowledge have to be provided and we let the youth chose freely what they want to learn.

As for women if they want a specific line of education that suits their nature this has to be provided and women have to go to the education that fits their nature and everybody who wants to learn something this has to be provided. And it has to be taken whether that was geography, history applied science etc. There has to be total freedom in education. Suppose someone wants to learn marine sciences. It is not in the curriculum. It has to be provided. There have to be schools at all levels specialised in this if somebody wants to learn space sciences let him go for it and it has to be provided for him. But there has to be a system for men and a system for women and they have to chose. Even if women want to learn in the systems of men if that suits their nature let them do it.

Question: Our country Japan is lovely. Do you have any intention of visiting Japan? This is a question from the Japanese-Libyan Friendship Society. The lady wants you to think about visiting Japan.

The Leader: I do thank the lady and her Arabic language is quite clear and I salute her for her role in promoting friendship between the Libyan and Japanese people through her chairmanship of the society. I have no objection to visit Japan and I would be happy if I find myself there someday.

Speaker: If you kindly visit Japan please visit our university so that you could lecture us directly.

The Leader: God willing, I will definitely visit your university if I visit Japan.
Speaker: I was listening to you in particular on the American role throughout the world. My question is: there are many Arab countries and they could not solve the problems between the Palestinians and the Israelis and there are many Arab and North African countries with plenty of natural resources and potentials that are highly superior to the Israelis and even though they did not solve the problems despite the abundant oil which could be used as a pressure tool. Why didn't they solve the Palestinian case.

The Leader: Thank you. As you know the Israelis are under American protection and the 6th navy is in the Mediterranean. There is an agreement with the Hebrew state to protect it. Just imagine the existence of a state whose existence depends on protection by a foreign navy. In fact this is not a state at all. The so called Israel is illegitimate from all points of international law. The land was for all the Palestinians. Palestine lies between the river Jordan and the Mediterranean and this is what they are disputing. In 1948 the majority was Palestinian. Three quarters of the population were Palestinians and probably one quarter was Israeli but that Israeli quarter expelled the Palestinians in 1948 and announced unilaterally a state called Israel This is not correct from the view point of international law. You cannot unilaterally declare the establishment of a country which is disputed. This is false. No one should have recognised this state. The
unilateral declaration of this state means it was established on the land of others and an Israeli state was established and Israelis were brought from all over the world to replace the Palestinians. This state should not have been recognise. This state is false and the recognition is false.

Eventually the so-called Israel is like a state like the American states.. It is an American protectorate. Militarily if the Arabs fought the so-called Israel then they were facing America. That was the case in all passports where America always intervened in support of the Israeli. All the American resources were in support of the Israelis. This is because the Jews and the Israelis control American banks and financial institutions and probably the press. American resources are at the disposal of the Jews. Therefore they pressure and lobby the American administration to save their interests.. They want to control America. They want America to be under Jewish control. This is something.

As for the peaceful solution, the Israelis do not want a peaceful solution. They rely on America. In this case if there is a vote in favour of the Palestinian people or the so-called Israel and America Japan to vote for the Israelis, Japan will vote for the Israelis even if its sympathies are with the Palestinians.
The Israelis do not want the return of the Palestinians whom they expelled and they want to exterminate the Palestinians present now. This Israeli policy is quite clear. Their policy if to prevent the return of Palestinian refugees - those who were expelled in 1948 and 1967 etc and exterminate those who are here.
The solution is the White Book which I presented to the world. That is the establishment of one democratic state on the condition that all Palestinian refugees return to their homes and the dismantling of Dimona arsenal for Weapons of Mass Destruction. The Israelis have hundreds of nuclear missiles. The world is ignoring it. No one called for its dismantling. And nobody is allowed to inspect it. When the American President Kennedy wanted to inspect the Dimona reactor they assassinated him. Dimona has to be dismantled.

We are looking forward for Japan to use its relations with America as an ally and as having suffered from atomic bombs and seeking peace to ask America for the dismantling of weapons of mass destruction available to the Israelis in Dimona.
The White Book which I presented to the world called for the establishment of one democratic state on the condition that the Palestinians return to their homes and the weapons of mass destruction are dismantled. And then it becomes a state like Lebanon with multiple religions and ethnicities and they will live in peace. In this case they will be accepted even in Arab countries and in the Arab League. They will have free elections. The president could be Palestinian or Israeli. This does not matter. But the Palestinians who were expelled have to return. This is the summary of the book which I presented as a solution. The word Isratine means partly Israel and partly Palestine. If you read this book you will be convinced. It has the solution.

Speaker: Thank you your Excellency the Leader. We want to translate this book at the University of Meiji and we want to publish it in the Japanese language to a wide scale.

The Leader: This is great, thank you.

Speaker: I would like to salute the great leader Al Qadhafi and we want the peace and disarmament studies centre in the University of Meiji to become an instrument in the promotion of relations between Japan and Libya. We would like the great Leader to kindly support our efforts to establish the Al Qadhafi chair for peaceful studies in this centre to teach your theory, the theory of the great Leader in this centre.

The Leader: Thank you very much and I thank you all my sons for this proposal to establish a chair in the university and I will support you in this and I will be a friend of this university and you may consider me a member of the teaching staff in this university. I am at your disposal at any time and I hope these meetings take place more often via satellite and if I visit Japan the first place I visit will be your university Meiji.

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