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University of Meiji Hosts Leader of the Revolution in Intellectual Lecture


The Japanese University of Meiji Tuesday hosted the Leader of the Revolution in an intellectual lecture via video link to the students and teaching staff of the University's Faculty of Disarmament and Peace.

The theme of the lecture to the second oldest university in Japan was about Africa and attempts by foreign powers to intervene in its internal affairs.
The Leader analyzed in his lecture Japan's political dependency of America which deprived it from being a useful power with Africa and the world ..explaining that such dependency undermined the vital interests and Japan's relations with the wider world which it needed.

The Leader noted that there was an awakening in Japan to restore its dignity surrendered by lack on liberation from American hegemony despite the fact that Japan's technological advancement.

The Leader also analyzed the premises that placed a question mark on the future of Japan and its position on the coming world map forming up in spaces.
The lecture was ensued by an intellectual debate between the Leader and the students and the staff of the university on the strategy of US President Barrack Obama in Afghanistan, the concept of education in the Jamahiriya theory and the radical solution of the Middle East problem which the Leader presented in the White Book.

The University of Meiji , second largest and oldest Japanese university, introduces the Leader of the Revolution President of the African Union, in a political intellectual lecture via satellite.

Tripoli, 16 December 2009

The University of Meiji in Tokyo, the second largest and oldest university in Japan introduced the Leader of the Revolution, President of the African Union in an intellectual political lecture via satellite for the members of teaching staff and students of peace studies and the disarmament college with focus on Africa and the conflict of foreign powers to exploit it in this era and their interferences in its internal affairs.
In his lecture the Leader analyzed the submissive role of Japanese policy towards America in depriving this great nation from being a useful force with Africa and the world. He revealed that this submission hurt vital Japanese interests and harmed Japan's relations with other nations which look forward to Japan.
In this respect the Leader pointed to the awakening which has emerged in Japan recently to regain its dignity which had been undermined for not being liberated from American hegemony despite Japan's technical supremacy and the creativity and innovativeness of its people. The Leader also analyzed the criteria concerning the questions about the future of Japan and its status in the coming world map which constitutes various spaces and blocs.
The lecture was followed by an intellectual political debate between the Leader of the Revolution, professors and students at the college. This handled the new American strategy of the US president Barack Obama in Afghanistan, the concept of education and instruction the Jamahiriya theory, the radical and historical solution of the Middle East problem presented by the Leader to the World in the White Book.

The lecture enjoyed a massive audience that exceeded 750 students and members of the teaching staff as well as foreign diplomats in Japan. Professor Konjo Fokuda, the dean of the college of peace and disarmament studies in the University of Fiji said that the Leader's lecture at this university is an unprecedented affair on the Asian continent and its impact would not be limited to Japan but would encompass the whole world.

After the lecture the students and members of the teaching staff in the university declared their intention to establish a Qadhafi chair for peace studies to teach the Jamahiri theory of Muammar Al Qadhafi in this old Japanese university which was established in 1881 and graduated around half a million graduates who contributed to the leadership of the political community in Japan.

After listening to the explanations of the Leader for the one-state solution (Isratin) which he presented to the world in the Green Book they also declared that theyw ould translate this book at the university into the Japanese language to publish it on a wide scale.

During this intellectual interview they presented several invitations to the Leader of the Revolution to visit Japan and said that the Peace and Disarmament Centre in the University of Meiji becomes an instrument of the promotion of relations between the Great Jamahiriya and Libya.

Professor Fukuda, the dean of the Peace and Disarmament Faculty in the University of Fiji introduced the Leader to deliver his lecture to members of staff and students by saying:

Your Excellency, the Leader Muammar Al Gaddafi, Leader of the Revolution, President of the African Union: Your courageous historic speech to the UN General Assembly in September made the Japanese people highly enthusiastic for your vision. Our University of Meiji is proud of its long history that started in 1881 as it had been established by three people in their thirties and since than this university graduated around half a million students who participated in the leadership of the Japanese political community. The University has relations with more than 97 university and research institutions in 29 countries around the world.

This university graduates around 31,000 students annually. The university has so far graduated two prime ministers in Japan such as prime minister Meiki and Prime Minister Morojama who offered an apology for the Japanese colonialist history. Therefore we consider our university as a friend of the world.
Our university is honoured by your acceptance of its invitation to be the first institution to be honoured by the first lecture you deliver in Asia. Today we would like to hear you for the first time in Asia and we are confident that your words will have impacts not only in Japan but throughout the world generally.
This interview is not of interest to the students and members of the teaching staff only but it will be one of the most interesting events in their whole life. We are quite aware of your excellencies efforts to promote African development and to achieve peace and disarmament and your advocacy of liberation and human freedom across the world. You Excellency, the Leader of the Revolution we introduce you without any further ado. We are keen to listen to you with lots of thanks and appreciation.

The Leader delivered the following lecture which he started by saying firstly good morning my sons the students of the University of Meiji and teaching staff of this old university.

I thank Professor Fukuda for introducing me and organizing this. I thank all those working in it for their interest in Africa.

I would like to say to you briefly that Africa unfortunately is a destroyed continent due to the slavery era. Then the colonial era and now the exploitation era by foreign powers and by interferences in its internal affairs.

The whole of the African continent was violated and tortured and became the bottom in everything due to the evil actions by others, particularly the whites, the racists and colonialists. And now those institutions of Western exploitation and Zionism are robbing the continent. Unfortunately it is living in misery. There are diseases, backwardness, desertification and drought due to the gas emissions by the factories of the industrial states and the pollution of the atmosphere which causes global warming. All that has its impacts on Africa.

Unfortunately they now consider the African continent as a prey and they are scrambling over it. America has come in a very tough manner through Africom and it is alluding to military bases, oil discovery and the protection of oil by force as if Africa has no nations and as if it has no future.

On the other hand China has also entered in a soft manner. The entry of China is not as tough as that of America but it appears that China wants to depopulate Africa and immigrate the Chinese population to Africa. The total surface area of Africa is 32m square km. Its population is less than a billion. Africa has a vacuum that could absorb the surplus of population from India and China. Unfortunately Africa is being subjected to an operation of cold invasion of this kind. Japan has no surplus of population to migrate to Africa and does not enter forcibly like America.

America is interfering in domestic affairs and it is alluding to the establishment of military bases and intervention in the elections and the system of government and all those things which are not applied in America are being sought for Africa. They say why don't you try that form of this form even though they do not apply it themselves but they want to apply it to Africa.

This is the situation of Africa. Japan has nothing of this. It is not like China which wants to migrate population. It is not like America which is a vicious military power.

Japan could have access in a very soft manner. It could have beneficial access of it co-operated with Africa. But unfortunately there is something of vital important. I used to avoid speaking to my Japanese friends at all levels because my speech to them might embarrass them. I always speak frankly and I expose the facts to the nations. I do not hold favours in these issues of destiny and when I speak about Japan I know my talk will be critical and embarrassing. This is why I avoided any interviews even with the Japanese media so as not to be embarrassing for my Japanese friends.

And now as you have asked me to speak to you and I am thankful I say that Japan could become a beneficial force. It could benefit from Africa and from the world. But unfortunately and you have to accept it from me because you have made me embarrassed in talking to you. Japan is not considered a country which has a free will. It was subjected to American occupation in the Second World War and was hit by two atomic bombs and was terrorised by this lethal weapon. It was brought to its knees and totally subjected to the vicious American power following the use of this lethal weapon which is the atomic bomb.

Since that time tens of thousands of American soldiers are occupying Japan now. The declared number is 50,000 American soldiers occupying Japan with air bases and American navies in the sea of Japan.

Since WW2 and up to now and up to very recently I don't know exactly when Japan had been totally subjected to American hegemony as if it was a colony. It had been subjected to American occupation in WW2.

Germany was similar to Japan to a large extent. Such a situation is highly degrading for a great nation like Japan and a great nation like Germany as it has been imposed on them not to get arms and not to establish an army like other countries of the world.
Up to now there is fear when people talk about the Japanese army or the Japanese armed forces because this is forbidden. People have to say self defence forces or something like this. This is highly degrading. Why shouldn't Japan have the right to possess Japanese armed forces or a Japanese air force or a Japanese navy. All this has been forbidden in order to degrade Japan.
Japan has its armed forces but nobody says its armed forces. They talk about national defence forces or something of this kind. This is an insult. It is intolerable.

The Japanese people are creative people. They are capable of competing with America in technology. They compete with Europe and China. Japan is a great nation. It has to live respectfully with its head held high. What astonishes me is that America struck Japan with an atomic bomb and the impact of this bomb is still there but Japanese are still friendly with the Americans and this is curious. How can you befriend the one who struck you with the atomic bomb, or insulted you before the whole world and imposed humiliating restrictions upon you until this moment. How could you be friends with those who killed your fathers, grandfathers and your relatives.

I am not calling for animosity between Japan and America. Never. You should not understand something like this. But I am astonished why they say Japan is an ally and friend of America. If this is really there it has been imposed by force. I don't think the Japanese in their hearts love America and I don't think Japan could become an ally of America.

Canada or Mexico could become allies to America. But Japan is a Far Eastern state. It could become an ally of China, Russia or the Philippines. But it could not possibly be an ally of America unless that had been imposed by force/
In recent years and following the defeat of the liberal party in the elections I believe voices are emerging and books are being written. When would Japan liberate itself from its surrogacy to America and when would it say 'no'.
These books were published recently and they indicate there is an awakening in Japan. There is revival and a search for dignity in a country which had been humiliated. I would like to say I am expressing dismay that Japan, despite its technical power and the ability of its people, their creativity and innovation, their dignity and pride has not been restored. Japan is not liberated and it is still an American colony and an American surrogate. You should have expelled American forces immediately from Japan. Japan should have stood as an equal to America. And Japan should become free to produce the arms to protect itself and to defend itself.

Of course I am against armaments I support total disarmament. This project which is being adopted by one your colleges is disarmament and peace and I support this discipline. But if America gave itself the right to possess the atomic bomb then Japan would have been the first country in the world to possess atomic weapons because it was damaged by this weapon. It should have a nuclear weapon not to be hit once again.

Unless Japan is liberated from American hegemony and unless it is an independent and possesses the power to defend itself and peace in the world then the high technology achieved by the Japanese is not beneficial. And all these fast potentials in Japan are not made use of, particularly as Japan has no energy resources. But it is a highly innovative and creative country. It needs to be supplied by power resources from abroad and needs raw materials from abroad. But if it has no free will it could not move in this area/
I am following closely the policies of Japan. I follow all its political stances. For example Jana does not adopt the UN stances unless they are in support of America and unless they are the stances sought by America and this is very insulting.

Japan may have interests like China, India, North Korea, Russia or Libya.. But America Always adopts a different stance for these countries in the United Nations. That means Japan is against its interests because it is obliged to take a different stance for other countries only to support the American stance. This case is a service to American policy and it is undermining Japanese relations with the other countries which Japan is in need of.
Let us suppose Japan is importing oil from Libya and it needs such energy. But America tells the United Nations to stand against Libya and asks Japan to have a stance against Libya whereas Japan's interests are not against Libya. It has interest in importing oil from Libya. But America says I do not care about Japan's interests. I only care about America's interests and Japan has to vote with America against Libya despite Japan's interests. This is just an example. It does not mean Libya in particular. This is unfortunate. Japan has its own vital interests which are threatened because of it surrogacy to America.
I see the world as being shaped in new maps. It could be like what we have in this map. The world in the future will be like the European Union which is being established as a semi state and it will become a state with one currency and there could be one army, one central bank and one foreign policy. Now we are shaping the African Union in the same lines as the European Union. We want to make it as one state in future.

Also Latin America is being shaped and it could become a union. One bloc for South America and North America could become one state. The United States is one large state and one vast space in addition to Canada. The NAFTA region could become like a state.

Then we come to the other side to Asia where we have the Russian federation. This is a state in itself and there is also China which is another giant. There is the so-called SARC the community of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Maldives and in future when animosity is removed between Pakistan and India we will have one state. There is also ASEAN which includes Indonesia, Malaysia, the ten known countries are being established. They are shaping themselves including the Philippines. Therefore Japan becomes isolated and we don't know in what state North Korea and South Korea will become. Anyhow the world is being shaped. Where would Japan be. It doesn't have bloc on its own but it needs to be within one bloc. If there were no problems between the two Koreas and between North Korea and Japan these states may have formulated a bloc between them.

In general the situation of Japan in the forthcoming map of the world has a question mark. There is a question mark about where Japan would be. It is not in China, not in the Russian Federation, not in ASEAN, not in SARC. It is not in the European Union, not in the African Union, not in the American Federation nor in South America. This is something you have to think about. Where would Japan be. As for America it does not want Japan to seek its future. It wants Japan to remain as such. A satellite state of America and in order to use the international arena and in the United Nations as if it is an American reserve.
The American forces are present in Japan to terrorise the Japanese. They say if you go left or right we will show you and we will give you a lesson as we did in WW2. You have to remember that we are there. This situation which we have is a fact and it is regrettable. I thank you for raising this question and I believe I have tried to provide an answer to this issue.

Thank you my sons the students, thank you Professor Fukoda. If you have any questions I am ready.

The following political dialogue took place between the Leader of the Revolution and the University students and teachers:

Speaker: Thank you very much Your Excellency the Leader. I have the following question. Even though African countries have a lot of natural resources which everybody needs the rate of growth and prosperity on the African continent is quite low. What is the reasons for this economic failure despite being very rich in natural resources.

The Leader: This is what I have said and I have answered this. I said Africa is in a very bad situation because of the past era of slavery. Then the era of colonisation and the era of interferences and foreign exploitation. That is the reason. There is also the impact of climate change. The industrial countries are damaging the climate and this damage is reflected on the African continent, the rate of desertification and so forth. I said that Japan could assist Africa if Japan were free. But Japan is not free in managing its affairs. It is not free in establishing relations with other countries because of American domination over Japan.
These are the reasons which I explained. Thank you.

Question: Your Excellency the Leader: Recently Obama's administration decided to increase the number of American troops in Afghanistan but I believe such an increase would not help. The situation in Japan will soar and it will become a quagmire. Nothing will be solved. I personally am against this increase of troops. What is the position Your Excellency, the Leader.

The Leader: Thank you. The situation of course is quite clear now. President Barack Obama has himself declared that he would withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2011 roughly and this has become established. The increase or decrease of troops would mean nothing from Afghanistan as he will withdraw from 2012. This will be the case even if he increases his troops. And he justified the sending of 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan in order to be able to withdraw in 2012.
This means that the military withdrawal is being covered and certainly the generals are the ones who recommended and advised Obama to do this. In the military when you want to withdraw from a place you increase the troops and you intensify the attack to cover the withdrawal so as to withdraw peacefully. Therefore you have to direct intense fire on the enemy to distract him from following the withdrawal process or undermining it.

Therefore the 30,000 additional troops are like a cover for the American strategic withdrawal from Afghanistan. And I believe that Obama in particular is different from other American presidents. He has denounced the Vietnam war. He denounced the Iraq war. He announced he would withdrawal from Iraq and viewed it as a mistaken war. No American president has said any such thing in the past. I wish President Obama says the same thing about Japan and withdraws his troops. I would like him to say Japan is a free country. We have struck it with atomic bombs and we are colonising it once again. This is not right.
Of course this depends on the Japanese people. In Afghanistan they justified their presence by the attack of 9/11. In any case they will not remain as a trustee for Afghanistan nor the security of Afghanistan. He denounced the government of Afghanistan and said it is a corrupt government. He said we will not remain guardians of Afghanistan and Afghanistan has to shoulder the responsibility for its security by itself. We merely offer assistance but we will withdraw our forces. All this is logical. All his analyses and his attempts to handle American international policy is in fact logical up to now. I am satisfied at Obama's policies in contrast to all other American presidents with whom I was always in dispute and there were hostilities. In the Reagan era that led to war, thank you my son.

Speaker: A question to your Excellency. I have read the Green Book and there are some things on education and instruction. What do you mean by that. What is the main objective of instruction. We have a debate in Japan at present over instruction and education. What is the main goal you are seeking through education and instruction? Can you give us some examples.

The Leader: My son the Green Book talks about education but your question is not very specific. I did not get what you mean exactly. The Leader read out what the third chapter of the Green Book says about education which says that education is not that organised curricula or classified lessons which the youth have to learn in fixed hours in rows of chairs inside the class as you are now sitting or in books. This form of education which is dominant throughout the world is against freedom. The much vaunted obligatory education throughout the world is one of the reasons for the suppression of freedom and it is a compulsive distortion of the talents of people. And this is sort of obligatory directing and guiding others and their options. This is a dictatorial act that kills freedom because it prevents people from free choice, creativity and talent. It is dictatorial to oblige someone to learn a specific course.

It is dictatorial to impose specific subjects to teach people. The obligatory education and the systematic education curricula are like a forced cover up. You impose ignorance on the masses.

All countries that specify education courses through formal education curricula and force the people are countries that practise tyranny against their people. All forms of education now practised in the world must be demolished by an international cultural revolution to liberate the human mentality from all forms of bigotry and the deliberate adaptation of tastes and mentalities. This does not mean the shutting down of the educational system as this as some shallow minds might understand. It is not preventing people from education. It is on the contrary. It is to provide society with all forms of education and let the people chose freely what they want to learn.

This requires that all educational institutions must provide all forms of knowledge and the lack of providing what is enough means to curb peoples freedom and to force them to learn specific knowledge.

If your question is in this respect.........I mean that every country could establish a formal curricula or formal course of study but what the Green Book says all forms of knowledge have to be provided and we let the youth chose freely what they want to learn.

As for women if they want a specific line of education that suits their nature this has to be provided and women have to go to the education that fits their nature and everybody who wants to learn something this has to be provided. And it has to be taken whether that was geography, history applied science etc. There has to be total freedom in education. Suppose someone wants to learn marine sciences. It is not in the curriculum. It has to be provided. There have to be schools at all levels specialised in this if somebody wants to learn space sciences let him go for it and it has to be provided for him. But there has to be a system for men and a system for women and they have to chose. Even if women want to learn in the systems of men if that suits their nature let them do it.

Question: Our country Japan is lovely. Do you have any intention of visiting Japan? This is a question from the Japanese-Libyan Friendship Society. The lady wants you to think about visiting Japan.

The Leader: I do thank the lady and her Arabic language is quite clear and I salute her for her role in promoting friendship between the Libyan and Japanese people through her chairmanship of the society. I have no objection to visit Japan and I would be happy if I find myself there someday.

Speaker: If you kindly visit Japan please visit our university so that you could lecture us directly.

The Leader: God willing, I will definitely visit your university if I visit Japan.
Speaker: I was listening to you in particular on the American role throughout the world. My question is: there are many Arab countries and they could not solve the problems between the Palestinians and the Israelis and there are many Arab and North African countries with plenty of natural resources and potentials that are highly superior to the Israelis and even though they did not solve the problems despite the abundant oil which could be used as a pressure tool. Why didn't they solve the Palestinian case.

The Leader: Thank you. As you know the Israelis are under American protection and the 6th navy is in the Mediterranean. There is an agreement with the Hebrew state to protect it. Just imagine the existence of a state whose existence depends on protection by a foreign navy. In fact this is not a state at all. The so called Israel is illegitimate from all points of international law. The land was for all the Palestinians. Palestine lies between the river Jordan and the Mediterranean and this is what they are disputing. In 1948 the majority was Palestinian. Three quarters of the population were Palestinians and probably one quarter was Israeli but that Israeli quarter expelled the Palestinians in 1948 and announced unilaterally a state called Israel This is not correct from the view point of international law. You cannot unilaterally declare the establishment of a country which is disputed. This is false. No one should have recognised this state. The
unilateral declaration of this state means it was established on the land of others and an Israeli state was established and Israelis were brought from all over the world to replace the Palestinians. This state should not have been recognise. This state is false and the recognition is false.

Eventually the so-called Israel is like a state like the American states.. It is an American protectorate. Militarily if the Arabs fought the so-called Israel then they were facing America. That was the case in all passports where America always intervened in support of the Israeli. All the American resources were in support of the Israelis. This is because the Jews and the Israelis control American banks and financial institutions and probably the press. American resources are at the disposal of the Jews. Therefore they pressure and lobby the American administration to save their interests.. They want to control America. They want America to be under Jewish control. This is something.

As for the peaceful solution, the Israelis do not want a peaceful solution. They rely on America. In this case if there is a vote in favour of the Palestinian people or the so-called Israel and America Japan to vote for the Israelis, Japan will vote for the Israelis even if its sympathies are with the Palestinians.
The Israelis do not want the return of the Palestinians whom they expelled and they want to exterminate the Palestinians present now. This Israeli policy is quite clear. Their policy if to prevent the return of Palestinian refugees - those who were expelled in 1948 and 1967 etc and exterminate those who are here.
The solution is the White Book which I presented to the world. That is the establishment of one democratic state on the condition that all Palestinian refugees return to their homes and the dismantling of Dimona arsenal for Weapons of Mass Destruction. The Israelis have hundreds of nuclear missiles. The world is ignoring it. No one called for its dismantling. And nobody is allowed to inspect it. When the American President Kennedy wanted to inspect the Dimona reactor they assassinated him. Dimona has to be dismantled.

We are looking forward for Japan to use its relations with America as an ally and as having suffered from atomic bombs and seeking peace to ask America for the dismantling of weapons of mass destruction available to the Israelis in Dimona.
The White Book which I presented to the world called for the establishment of one democratic state on the condition that the Palestinians return to their homes and the weapons of mass destruction are dismantled. And then it becomes a state like Lebanon with multiple religions and ethnicities and they will live in peace. In this case they will be accepted even in Arab countries and in the Arab League. They will have free elections. The president could be Palestinian or Israeli. This does not matter. But the Palestinians who were expelled have to return. This is the summary of the book which I presented as a solution. The word Isratine means partly Israel and partly Palestine. If you read this book you will be convinced. It has the solution.

Speaker: Thank you your Excellency the Leader. We want to translate this book at the University of Meiji and we want to publish it in the Japanese language to a wide scale.

The Leader: This is great, thank you.

Speaker: I would like to salute the great leader Al Qadhafi and we want the peace and disarmament studies centre in the University of Meiji to become an instrument in the promotion of relations between Japan and Libya. We would like the great Leader to kindly support our efforts to establish the Al Qadhafi chair for peaceful studies in this centre to teach your theory, the theory of the great Leader in this centre.

The Leader: Thank you very much and I thank you all my sons for this proposal to establish a chair in the university and I will support you in this and I will be a friend of this university and you may consider me a member of the teaching staff in this university. I am at your disposal at any time and I hope these meetings take place more often via satellite and if I visit Japan the first place I visit will be your university Meiji.

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Dalam rangka menjawab seruan pemerintah RI agar memakai batik pada tgl. 2 Oktober 2009 berkenaan dengan pengakuan internasional batik sebagai warisan budaya dunia, KBRI Tripoli Libya pada tanggal tersebut menghimbau kepada masyarakat Indonesia yang berada di Libya, khususnya Tripoli agar memakai batik pada hari tersebut. Walau pun hari itu (Jum’at) merupakan hari libur resmi di Libya, akan tetapi masyarakat Indonesia di Tripoli biasanya melaksanakan shalat jum’at di Mushalla KBRI Tripoli. Sehingga pada jum’at tersebut nampak pakaian nasional kita disekitar shaf shalat. Berbatik ria dalam shalat jum’at.

Berkenaan dengan himbauan tersebut, KBRI Tripoli juga mengadakan upacara hari Kesaktian Pancasila tanggal 1 Oktober 2009 dengan memakai batik. Upcara tersebut dilaksanakan di ruang serba guna gedung KBRI Tripoli.

Malam harinya, tgl. 2 Oktober 2009 KBRI dan masyarakat Indonesia melakukan Batik Day di sebuah hotel di Tripoli, tepatnya di Hotel Rodisson Inn Al-Mahari. Dalam kesempatan tersebut Duta Besar RI untuk Libya Drs. Sanusi memberikan kata sambutan singkat yang intinya mengingatkan kita mengenai keragaman budaya bangsa kita yang sangat kaya dan diantara kekayaan tersebut adalah batik. Bahwa perjuangan batik menjadi warisan dunia yang diakui oleh UNESCO pada siding di Abu Dhabi Uni Emirat Arab bukanlah perjuangan mudah karena memerlukan waktu cukup pajang untuk mendapatkannya. Oleh karena itu kita hendaknya sesering mugkin menggunakannya dalam berbagai kesempatan. Dubes juga mengingatkan bahwa dalam keadaan gembaira mendapat berita pengakuan batik tersebut, kita mendapat berita duka yaitu terjadi peristiwa gempa bumi yang melanda kawasa Sumatera Barat dan Jambi yang menelan korban ribuan jiwa, bahkan menurut stasiun TV Al-Jazeerah ditengarai mencapai 4000 jiwa. Kita merasa prihatin atas peristiwa tersebut dan memohon kepada Tuhan Yag Esa semoga arwah mereka dterima di sisi Allah swt. Acara diakhiri dengan pemcaan doa oleh Nasruddin Latief dan diteruskan dengan makan malam.

Dalam kesempatan tersebut secara spontan pihak KBRI Tripoli dan masyarakat Indonesia yang menunaikan shalat jum’at menggalang dana bantuan untuk korban gempa bumi yang melanda kawasan Sumatera Barat dan Jambi. Himbauan spontan tersebut alhamdulillah terkumpul dana sebesar LD. 620 (USD 496). Disamping penggalangan dana spontan dari jamaah ju’mat dan masyarakat RI di Tripoli, pihak mahasiswa juga melalui Lajnah Zakat melakukan hal yang sama melakukan penggalangan dana juga untuk beberapa hari, bahkan merencanakan penggalangan dana tersebut di kampus Kulliyah Dakwah Islamiyah (KDI) dan kantor World Islaimc Call Society (WICS).

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Addressing UN General Assembly Leader of the Revolution Chairman of the AU Offers Radical Solutions That Could Rock UN Foundations

New York : 23. 9. 2009

leader of the Revolution, Chairman of African Union, King of African Traditional Kings offered in his speech today before the 64th session of the United Nations' General Assembly radical solutions that could rock the tumbling structure of the UN Organization and building instead a new international structure based on equality between nations big and small and free from veto and permanent and temporary seats and to restore proper respect of the UN General Assembly which is the Congress of the world .

Following is the text of the leader's address :

In the name of Allah.
Gentlemen members of the UN General Assembly :
I salute you on behalf of the African Union and I pray that this session be historic in the life of the world .
ِAnd in the name of UN General Assembly that Libya presides over and in the name of the African Union and the name of ( 1000 ) African traditional kingdoms .. I extend our congratulations to our Son President '' Obama '' because he attends with us the GA meeting for the first time as President of the United States of America . We salute him since he is the host country .

This convention comes at the climax of a several challenges that face us all and that the world should unite and make serious efforts to overcome these challenges that constitute the common enemy.

Climate change, financial crisis , collapse of capitalist economy , food and water crisis , desertification , terrorism, immigration , spread of diseases created by man himself and others because some of the viruses are manufactures as weapons and became beyond control .
Perhaps Swine Flu is one of these viruses that were not controlled and it is produced in laboratories as war weapon.
Also the horrible nuclear spread , in addition to other terrorism , the spread of hypocrisy , fear and atheism moral deterioration and material dominance .
All this constitutes a common enemy to all of us .

Gentlemen :

You know that the united Nations started first with three or four nations united against Germany .., This is the United Nations and not the UN Organization .
The UN Organization of today is something else. but the United Nations is the countries that united against Germany in the Second World War and these countries formed a Council called it Security Council and they gave themselves permanent seats and the veto .
We were not present, it was tailored by the United Nations and we were asked to wear this dress which was tailored by these three or four nations that united against Germany .
This is the truth and this is the base of this international organization.

The happened in the absence of ( 165 ) present today , that means ( 1 to 8 ) or 1 present and 8 absent.
They are the ones who made the UN Charter which is with me . Its preamble is something and its articles are another thing .
How did that happen ?
Those who were present in San Francisco in 45 participated in making the preamble and they left other articles including rules of the so called Security Council to experts, technicians and politicians of the countries interested in this subject , it is the countries that created the Security Council , the nations that united against Germany .
The preamble is very tempting and there is no objection on it , but everything that came afterwards contradicts with the preamble. and this what we are facing now , we protest against it and reject it and that cannot continue because it is outdated and belongs to the period during the World War II .

The preamble says that nations big and small are equal .
Are we equal regarding the permanent seats ? Not at all .
The preamble says that United Nations big and small are equal in rights .
Alright .. Are we equal regarding the veto right ?!
According to the preamble , all nations , big and small are equal in rights . This is what we approved .
Therefore, the veto is against the Charter and so are the permanent seats. This we cannot recognize or accept.
The Charter states in its preamble '' We are committed not to use armed force in other than the common interest ''. This we rejoiced and signed and joined the United Nations in accordance with that .
But , ( 65 ) wars took place after the establishment of the United Nations and the Security Council in its current form and after this commitment millions were victims more than the World War .

Are all these aggressions and wars were used for common interest ?! not at all . That was in the interest of one particular nations or maybe two or three .
This is in clear and open contradiction with the Charter's preamble that we accepted and the joined the organization accordingly .
If the matter does not comply with the preamble that we approved , then even our presence in this organization is no longer valid as of now .

We do not flatter nor make diplomatic statements ..we are not scared nor can we compromise when it comes to the destiny of the world.
We now talk about the destiny of the world ..the destiny of the planet and the human race ..when it comes to these crucial issues there can be no flattering, procrastination or hypocrisy because that led to 65 wars after establishment of the United Nations.

The preamble says if force is used there should be a United Nation force.. a common force ..a UN war staff not just one country or two or three..the United Nations together should decide whether to use force to keep world peace.
If aggression occurred against one country after 1945 when the organisation was set up, the UN will come to its defence and repel the aggression.
If Libya aggressed on France for example, the UN will repel the aggression because France is a sovereign country.
We are committed to defend the sovereignty of nations in a collective fashion, but that did not prevent the outbreak of 65 wars of aggression with the UN doing nothing to curb them, including eight major wars that claimed the lives of millions of people, perpetrated by a veto holding member of the Security Council.
The states that we thought would repel aggression protect peoples turned out to the ones that used aggressive force while enjoying the veto.

There is nothing in this Charter that allow the United Nations to interfere in internal sovereignty of another country .
In other words , ruling system is internal affair , no one else has the right to interfere in it and it is the responsibility of the concerned society to have dictatorial, democratic, socialist , capitalist , reactionary or progressive system . It is an internal affair .
Once Rome has voted for Julius Caesar to be a dictator and the Senate gave him the authority to be dictator because they thought that dictatorship was useful to Rome then . This is an internal affair . Who can say to Rome , why did you that ?That is making of Caesar a dictator ruler !

The preamble is what we have agreed upon , but the veto that came afterwards is not mentioned in the Charter .
If they told us there is a veto right , we would not have joined the UN , we joined the UN because we are equal in rights .
But when one country has the veto over all our resolutions and enjoys a permanent seat , Who gave her that permanent seat ?!
These four nations gave themselves the permanent seat .
The only nation that we voted for in this assembly to have a permanent seat is China . We gave our votes to China to become a permanent member of the Security Council . It is the only country that her presence is democratic , but the presence of the other four seats is undemocratic , rather it is dictatorial and imposed on us , so we do not recognize that and it does not apply to us .

Reforming the United Nations is not by increasing the number of seats at the Security Council ..because that would just add insult to injury..since there will be countries who would be joined to the others and would further tip the balance.
Therefore we object to increasing the number of seats ..the solution is not increasing the seats ..this will run against the interests of the third world countries the "Forum of Small States" or "G 100"..these will be trampled on by fresh major powers joining the old list..this is unacceptable.

Moreover, opening the door to increase seats in the Security Council will create more injustice and high tension worldwide . It will intensify competition for seats in the SC and we are going to enter in a competition with very very important group of nations .

There is going to be a contest between Italy , Germany , Indonesia , India , Pakistan , the Philippines , Japan , Brazil, Argentine , Nigeria , Algeria , Libya , Egypt , Congo , South Africa , Tanzania, Turkey , Iran , Greece, the Ukraine .
All these countries will demand to have seat in the Security Council . In this case competition is to continue till members of the Security Council will be equal to those in this Assembly which is impractical.
So , what is the solution ?

Now , the solution put forth before the GA presided over by '' Ali Triki '' and where a decision is to be taken by voting , and the abiding resolution is that of the majority of the GA without regard to any other side . The solution is to close the door for membership and for increasing the number of seats in the Security Council - This is to be introduced to the General Assembly , the Secretary General and Triki - and that will be replaced by Unions' membership to achieve democracy through equality between member states and to transfer the powers of the Security Council to the General Assembly .

Membership is for unions not countries because if it was made available for all countries, every country would have wished to get a seat in the council and this is its right according to the preamble, so who would claim the right to deny these countries their rights.

Who can deny Italy the right to claim this right ..it would say I pulled from the axis and joined the allies unlike Germany which was the aggressor ..not today's Germany the Nazi Germany.

If we give India a seat which we say it deserves, Pakistan will protest ..it is a country with nuclear weapons and they are in a state of war ..this is serious.
If Japan was offered a seat why not Indonesia, the largest Muslim state?
What about Turkey, Iran, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina, and Libya which renounced its WMD programs, it too deserves a seat at the Security Council.
Then comes Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, Congo, South Africa, and Tanzania, all these are important countries.
This door should be shut..extension of the Security Council is a hoax..how can we reform the United Nations and then bring in other major countries to join the other major powers from which we suffer.

The solution is to achieve democracy on the level of the congress of the world, the General Assembly ..whereby the Security council becomes the instrument of execution of the General Assembly resolutions.
The General Assembly is the parliament of the world the congress of the world , the legislative body , the democracy and the Security Council should be from now on subjected to it .
This is the legislative authority ..and these are the lawmakers of the General Assembly.. they wrote that the General Assembly do so and so on the basis of the General Assembly ..but the proper thing is to the contrary ..that the Security Council do so and so in accordance with the recommendations of the General Assembly..there are 190 nations which the United Nations is made off , versus 10 persons in the adjacent hall ..what kind of democracy is this? how can we be sure of the world peace if our destiny lies in the hands of ten members who are under the control of four or one country..we are here like a Hyde Park..you made to act like a decor.. you have no value it is like talking in the Hyde Park you talk and go.

Membership is for unions not countries because if it was made available for all countries, every country would have wished to get a seat in the council and this is its right according to the preamble, so who would claim the right to deny these countries their rights.
Who can deny Italy the right to claim this right ..it would say I pulled from the axis and joined the allies unlike Germany which was the aggressor ..not today's Germany the Nazi Germany.
If we give India a seat which we say it deserves, Pakistan will protest ..it is a country with nuclear weapons and they are in a state of war ..this is serious.
If Japan was offered a seat why not Indonesia, the largest Muslim state?
What about Turkey, Iran, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina, and Libya which renounced its WMD programs, it too deserves a seat at the Security Council.
Then comes Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, Congo, South Africa, and Tanzania, all these are important countries.
This door should be shut..extension of the Security Council is a hoax..how can we reform the United Nations and then bring in other major countries to join the other major powers from which we suffer.

The Security Council is merely an executive body of the resolutions of the UN General Assembly, and when the Security Council becomes a mere executive body, there would be no competition for the Council seats.
The Security Council should be represent all nations, and not by a nation, what is presented now to the General Assembly is a permanent for every space...every union:
- A permanent seat in the Security Council for the 27 EU countries.
- A permanent seat for the 53 AU countries.
- A permanent seat for Latin America Union.
- A permanent seat for ASEAN 10+2+3+4.
- The Russian federation already has a seat in the Security Council.
- The American Union, which is 50 states "United States of America" already has a permanent seat.
- A permanent seat for SARC, if established.
- We have the G.100, we're thinking about it, perhaps the small nations "Forum for Small States" "FSS" could also have a permanent seat.

And there are other nations out of the unions I have mentioned, a permanent seat could be given alternatively every six month or every year.
Perhaps Japan, Australia or New Zealand are not in a union, none of these countries has joined ASEAN, there are not in the Russian Federation, nor the African Union, not the European Union, nor the Latin American, nor the United States, a seat could be allocated.

This is what's presented to you...to the General Assembly for voting. This is the decisive essential issue, presented to the General Assembly the master of the world...the world's parliament...it is the world's congress, no one opposes it and we will not recognize anyone outside the hall, we're the United Nations.

Dr. Ali Treki (President GA from Libya) and Ban Ki-moon will make the administrative and legal drafts, form committees that will vote on this issue, the Security Council, from now on, will formed of unions. This is justice and democracy and we're finished with the Security Council which is occupied by certain nations...one possess atomic bomb, another possess economic power, other possess technology, and another possess technique...this is terrorism. We cannot live in a Security Council dominated by those with overwhelming powers...this is terrorism. This is if you want a world that lives in united and secure and peaceful, and if you want to us to live in terrorism, live in conflict...let us continue conflict until judgment day. All of these seats should have veto, or there should be no veto.

The Security Council in form should either all the union seats have a veto or annul veto from the Security Council with its new form. This is the genuine Security Council. In any case, the Security Council with its new form is presented for vote, it is an executive instrument for the General Assembly.

Sovereignty is for nations...for 190 nation that are present...this is how all nations should be equal in the Security Council, just as in the General Assembly.
We in the General Assembly have equal votes, we should also be equal in the adjacent room, the Security Council.

But for a nation to have veto power...and another does not, a nation to have a permanent seat and another that does not, this is annulled as of now, we absolutely do not recognize this and we will not be subject to any resolution passed by the Security Council with its current form.

Now, we've come...we're colonized...we're under trusteeship, now we have gained independence and united, we want to determine the world's destiny in a democratic way that preserves peace and security for all peoples equally, small and powerful. Terrorism is not only the terrorism of Al-Qaeda, the status quo is terrorism. Recourse is only to the majority of votes in the General Assembly and not to any other side, and if the General Assembly votes this, it becomes in force, no one can oppose this or say he is above the General Assembly, and any who says he is above it can leave the United Nations. Democracy is neither for the powerful, nor the rich nor those who terrorize us.
The last word is for all nations equally. As for now, the Security Council is a feudal security...a feudal policy for permanent members, it protects them and they use it against us, hence, it should not be called the Security Council rather the Terror Council.

Brothers, you can in our political life when they want to use the Security Council against us they resort to it, and if they do not need to use it against us, they ignore it, and if they have interest in the charter to use it against us, they respect and sanctify it, they search for the 7th chapter to apply it against these nations, and if they want to carry out an act in violation of the charter they would ignore it as if it did not exist.

It is unjust and terrorism that veto and permanent seat are for the powerful, we can neither take this nor can we live under it.
Powerful nations have saturated interests in the world, and they use veto, they use the force of the UN to protect their interests...this is terrorizing the third world, the third world is now terrorized, they are living under terrorism.
Since the Security Council was established in 1945 and until now it didn't provide security for us, rather provided punishments and terror...it is only used against us, therefore, we are not obliged to obey Security Council resolutions as from the fortieth speech.

65 wars were waged since the establishment of the Security Council...against small nations, or fighting against each other, or an aggression by superpower against a small nation, the Security Council did not deter a violation of the charter.
The General Assembly will vote on these historic solutions and afterwards we could either continue together or be divided in two: equal nations that have their own assembly and Security Council, and veto-wielding powers remain in their council of four, five or three, as they want, we're not with them, they should apply veto against each other...this does not concern us, and remain permanently in these seats, this does not concern us, God is permanent.
As of now, we cannot remain under the dominance of the veto-wielding powers, which they gave themselves.

We did not give them this, we would be fools to give veto and permanent seats to a group of nations, and discredit other nations and consider them inferior and despicable, and say they do neither deserve permanent seats nor veto power.
Why do we degrade nations?!

We did not decide this, certain nations are sanctified and respected...these are the nations of the world...they are 190 nations.
You realize that now there is disregard to Security Council resolutions after we were assured that it is only used against us and never used against superpowers.
The Security Council could never be use against veto-wielding powers...there could never be a resolution against the superpowers.
Hence, it's created against us, and consequently, resolutions it passes are being laughed at and ignored, this has become a farce for the United Nations, now actions are being taken outside the UN: aggression, wars, invasion of sovereign nations, destroying their sovereignty and independence, committing war crimes, collective extermination and violation of the charter, and the Security Council is there...not interested in the Security Council.

The important thing is that every international group started to form a security council of its own to tackle its problems and issues , . Henceforth, the Security Council in its present form , attending this session gradually becomes isolated .
- African Union formed '' MAS '' which is African Peace and Security Council .
-European Union will form a security Council .
- ASEAN will do so to and so is Latin America .
Non-Alignment Movement ( 120 ) countries is considering this option .
This indicates that we have lost confidence in the current Security Council since it did not provide us with security and , in turn , we resorted to regional councils .There is no o0bligation on our part to obey the SC in its current form in which we are not partners in it . It is undemocratic construction . and oppressive dictatorship and no one can force us to stay in this council or obey its orders.

The United Nations has no standing or any value ..nor any affect in the life and the peace of the world .

The International Court of Justice has its decisions implemented on small countries and on third world countries but not on the powerful. In front of me are the decisions of the court which other countries refused to implement.
The International Atomic Energy Agency is an important UN body but the major powers are not answerable to it.. it is merely made for us ..if it is international as you say it should inspect the atomic stock of the nuclear countries ..as of this speech.
Ali al Treiki in the General Assembly will question the Director of the agency and question al Braedei to see if they looking into the stockpiles of these countries.
If they say yes these countries are subject to inspection ..so we will be subject to inspection ..but if not we will slab the door shut in it s face.

For your information , gentlemen, I called '' al-Baradie'' during the Libyan nuclear bomb crisis - the ex- director before the current one , and I said to him Mr. '' al-Baradie '' Are the agreements on reducing weapons of mass destruction agreed upon by the nuclear powers , are under your supervision ? and did they really reduced abide by the reduction and are you aware of any violations regarding this matter ? His answer was '' Not at all '' . He told me that he cannot ask the big powers on this subject .

Therefore, you only came to us, get out .
This is not an international agency .. It is imposed only on us .
The Security Council is imposed on us , So is the international Court of Justice. This is not United Nations .
This is not fair .. this is not a security . this is unacceptable .
Regarding Africa, '' Dr. Ali Triki '' whether they reformed the United Nations or not and even before voting on the historic proposals that I presented now before the General Assembly and it will be subjected to voting and Africa as of now needs a permanent seat in the SC with full authorities as a compensation for the past , even if the UN reform is not under consideration .
Africa is an isolated colonized and wronged , they regard it like animals , then after that they used for slavery trade , then it is considered like colonies under mandate.

This continent .. the African Union , deserves a permanent seat as compensation for the past exactly like China and this right is not related to UN reform .
This is on the table and has the priority, it is immediately referred to the GA and no one can sway that Africa .. The African Union does not deserve a permanent seat .
Any one has an argument let him give me an answer and discuss that with me . Who has an evidence to prove that the African continent does not deserve a permanent seat ?!.
No one can give an answer .

It is proposed to the general assembly to vote for the compensation of the countries that were colonised in order that colonisation is not repeated and in order not to repeat the robbery of the wealth of nations and not to repeat the immigration of these countries to the nations that robbed their wealth.
Why do Africans to to Europe and why do Asians and Latin Americans go to Europe? It is because Europe colonised Africa, Asia and Latin America. It took the gold, silver, copper, diamonds, iron, uranium and all other valuable minerals as well as oil, vegetables, foods, livestock and human beings.
We have a new African generation and a new Asian and Latin American generation. They are after this stolen wealth and they have the right and we are incapable of stopping them.
When I stop a thousand Africans going to Europe on the Libyan borders they say I am going after the stolen wealth. If you return it I will remain. Who will return it to them. There has to be a resolution to return this wealth to stop immigration. You have to return the stolen wealth.

Africa deserves compensation to the tune of 777 trillion that is seven hundred and seventy seven trillion as compensation for Africa from the coloniser countries and Africa will demand that. And if these trillions are not returned the Africans will keep going to where you have invested these trillions and they have the right to go after it. You return it to them and they will stop. There is no Libyan immigration to Italy which is the closest country to Libya. That is because Italy decided to compensate the Libyan people for colonisation and apologised and signed a treaty with Libya ratified by the Libyan and Italian people to turn the page of the past.

Italy acknowledged that colonisation is wrong, a failed programme and it will not return and Italy will not allow any aggression against Libya but sea, air or land from Italy or from any other place. Italy is compensating Libya for twenty years of colonisation. It is paying a quarter of a billion annually. It is building hospitals for those children whose limbs were dismembered through the mines planted by the Italians during the two world wars. Italy apologised and expressed regret for the colonisation. Italy has done the glorious thing. This is a historic action. It is a civilised action by Berluconi and has to be an example.
The third world is claiming its right in compensation in order that the colonisation is never repeated and in order that any country in the third world contemplating colonising other countries that it will be asked to compensate. Then this state will say I will not colonise any state.
In order that colonisation is not repeated it has to be held accountable, penalised and compensation must be paid.
The second point which I hope to face patiently is rather sensitive. There will be some sentences which I mentioned in brackets. Undoubtedly we the real Africans are happy and proud that one of Africa's sons has become president of the USA. This is a historic event at the time when the black was not admitted to the cafe of the white, nor the restaurant of the white and was not allowed in the bus of the white. Now the American people have voted enthusiastically for Obama, the African-Kenyan black youth to become the US president. This is something great which we are proud of. We consider it the beginning of the change and he has raised the slogan for change.
However I consider Obama as a beacon in the darkness for about four or eight years but I am afraid things will come to the old habit because nobody guarantees anything after Obama. Nobody guarantees it, not the chairman nor Ban ki-Moon. We are satisfied at present and wish Obama to be permanently President of the USA.
We are not disputing the speech delivered by our son Obama before me. He is totally different from any American president. Americans in the past used to say we will send you cast bullets and the mother of all bombs. This seems to be the grandmother of all bombs. We will send you clusters of grapes, our summer rainfall, the desert storm, rolling thunder and we will send you the poisonous rose for Libya's children in 1986. That was the logic when an American president spoke from this forum. That was the way they spoke and terrorised the world. They said we will send you all these things as was sent to Vietnam and as was sent to Iraq and as was sent to Egypt in 1956 and we will send you the poisonous rose 'El Dorado' which was sent by Reagan to the children of Libya in 1986.

Imagine the president of the largest country which we are assured of and has a permanent seat in the Security Council and we expect it to protect our independence and defend us from aggression saying I decided to send the poisonous rose to the Libyan children and anyone who smells it dies.

What is the poisonous rose? It is the lazer bomb, airbourne by F111. That was the logic at the time. They used to say we will lead the world and we will take on anyone who differs with us, whether you like it or not.
The speech which was thankfully made by our son Obama is totally different from the past. He calls for abandoning nuclear weapons and this is something we applaud. He says America could not solve the problems of the world unilaterally and the world has to solve its problems. He said the present situation should not go on. We should not come to meet, speak and then go away and we agreed to that. He said that the United Nations was always a forum for disputes. We used to meet to attack each other. This is right and it has to end. We have to unite and agree on international institutions where we are all equal and happy.

He says democracy could not be imposed from abroad, whereas the former American President used to say we have to impose democracy on Iraq and on others.
This is an internal affair. It is for the state to be democratic or not. Each state has its own culture and heritage. This is correct but this language was not there. Accordingly we have to be quite alert to this sensitive point. The world has to consider phrase 'multi polar world'.

There shouldn't be a multi polar world. There should be equal nations. No one agrees to a world of multi poles. Why shouldn't we become equal nations without any poles? Are we required to have a patriach? Do we need idols? We don't need a multi polar world. This means the poles will clash and we reject it. We want a world where all nations, large and small are equal without any pole.

The sensitive point is the seat of the UN. This headquarters. You have all come from overseas and beyond the oceans and from beyond the continents in order to get to this place. Why? Is this Al Quds? Is it the Vatican? Is it Mecca. You are all tired and sleepy and your timing has changed and you are physically exhausted. Some of you travelled for 20 hours. How can you deliver speeches and tackle the future of the world? You are all sleepy and it is clear you are all tired. Your countries are now asleep because it is midnight but you awake and you should have been in bed because this is your timing. Today I woke up at 4 New York time because in Libya this is 11am. And this very late in Libya. But I am awake from 4am. Why should we have such trouble? If this is the situation in 1945 then it shouldn't go on at present. You have to think in a middle place that is more comfortable. This is the first point.
The other good point is that the host country shoulders the cost of securing the United Nations headquarters and securing the permanent missions and securing scores of presidents who come to this place every year. This requires strict security and high costs and New York and America live in tension.
I want to alleviate this burden. You have to alleviate the burden from America and you thank America and you can say you want to help it and we want New York to be quiet and America to be quiet and not to shoulder any more responsibility for scores of presidents coming to this place.
Suppose a presidential plane is bombed or a presidential car is bombed. Terrorists could do it.

For your information this headquarters is targeted by Al Qaeda. Yes this headquarters is targeted and we wonder why it was not struck in 9/11. It could be involuntary. Probably the flights were aborted but the next target is this place and I don't speak in a vacuum. We have scores of Al Qaeda members detained in our prisons and their confessions are highly worrying.
This makes America live nervously because this building may be attacked one day by a hijacked plane or a rocket and scores of presidents may die. We want to rid America of this worry. We could thank America and say we want to help you and confer the headquarters to another place that is not targted.
This headquarters is supposed to be transferred after 50 years to the other part of the globe. Fifty years in the western hemisphere is enough. The next 50 years should be in the other hemisphere and this could rotate every 50 years to the east, to the west and to the centre.

The headquarters has been here for 64 years. That is 14 years more than the presumed term for the transfer of the seat.
Of course this not undermine America. In fact this is a service to America. It is a help for America and we thank America but the situation of 1945 should not be maintained. We do not accept that.

This is proposed for a vote in the general assembly. Only in the general assembly because article 23 of the agreement of 1947 says 'the UN seat is to be transferred only by a resolution from the general assembly by a simple majority. This means if 51 percent agree then the seat is to be transferred.
We are not obliged to tolerate all this trouble, to come from India, the Philippines or Australia to here.
I am surprised that my brother President Ahmed took 14 hours to come by air from the Comoros. They told him you come and deliver a speech. How can he deliver a speech with such trouble.

There are some restrictions which annoy some people arriving from abroad. America has the right to impose tough restrictions because it is targeted by Al Qaeda and the terrorists. It has the right and we do not dispute that. But we are not to shoulder these unnecessary formalities. It is not necessary to come to New York and these formalities are not necessary.

One president has complained to me. They told him that the assistant pilot of your plane could not come to America because there are some restrictions on him. He said how can we cross the ocean without an assistant pilot. The reply was you can cross the ocean without an assistant pilot. In the end his is not obliged to come.
Another pilot complained to me as he was told his military body guard is not allowed in America because his name is confused and there are objections and you can't bring him here.

Another president also complained that his special doctor was not given a visa because there was some problem and he is banned from America.
You see there are very tough measures here. And if there is a state with a problem with America then they will restrict its delegate and its delegation. Those delegates are told to limit their movements 50 steps in that direction or 500 meters in this direction. It is as if we are in Guantanamo. Is this a United Nations delegate or is he a prisoner in Guantanamo. All this is proposed for voting in the general assembly. Mr Al Treikik, the chairman, you have to conduct a vote on the transfer of the seat. If 51 percent say 'yes' then we will come the next day to vote on where to transfer the seat. This could be somewhere in the middle. We nominate Sirte or Vienna and the ballot will be held if the seat is to be in Sirte or Vienna. If you go to Sirte you can go 1,000kms in any direction and nobody stops you. You come with a plane full of passengers and you may even come without a visa as long as you are with the president you are allowed. The country is
safe and you can go in every direction. Libya has no animosity with anyone and it is not targeted. It is the same in Vienna. I don't think there are restrictions like this.

If voting results in transferring the seat to the eastern hemisphere the next vote be on whether it goes to New Delhi or to Beijing.
This is the logical thing and no one can object to it.
Then we say God bless him, he who brought this proposal and God bless those who voted for it. Now we have got rid of the burden of 14 hours 20 minutes in the air in order to come to this place. No one could say that America would reduce its contribution. Why do we think badly of America. We shouldn't. America is committed to its obligations towards this international organisation. It will not be cross and it will not be angry. On the contrary it will thank you for alleviating the burden.
This is fine because it found someone to reduce the burden. It will be happy and will get rid of the restrictions on delegations and the restrictions on the seat. Further more the seat is targeted.

Then we will come to the issues to be investigated by the General Assembly under the chairman ship of Ali Al Treki. We hold ourselves accountable. We will hold the United Nations accountable. Either it is over and we begin a new United Nations from the security council to the general assembly. This meeting is extraordinary. Even 'my son' Obama said this before me. He said this meeting is extraordinary. It is historic.

Firstly the wars that occurred after the establishment of the United Nations. Why was that? Where was the security council? Where was the general assembly. Where was the charter and why did it take place. These should be investigated and rulings have to be issued with all the cleansing that took place. We will begin with the Korean war. Why did it happen? It claimed millions of victims. It was close of using an atomic bomb. The Korean War is still there. It is like a time bomb and a new Korean war could take place and nuclear weapons could be used. This is a serious issue. We have to try those who caused the war with all its losses and who is to pay the cost?Who is to be prosecuted. Then we come to the Suez canal war in 1956. It has to be investigated. The file has to opened and shut.

Why do we have states with a permanent seat in the Security Council with a veto and these states attack other states that are member states in the United Nations. Egypt is a sovereign country, its city, its army and its canal were destroyed. Thousands of Egyptians were killed just because it exercised its right to nationalise the Egyptian-Suez canal. Why did this take place when the United Nations was there and the charter was there. How can we be sure this will not be repeated again. The only way is to hold accountable those who caused these past wars.
This is a serious issue. We have to re-open the files of the Korean war and the Suez war in order to close these files.

We then come to the Vietnam war. It claimed three million victims. The bombs dropped in 12 days in the Vietnam war were more than those used in four years during WW2. How can we keep silent about this? This was was a lot more catastrophic than WW2 and why did it take place even after we established the United Nations and said no more wars. The wars took place but we can't keep silent. We are worried about the future of humanity. We want to end this worry. We have our sons and grandsons. We are discussing here in this world parliament. This is the destiny of the world.
Then we come to the issue of Panama which his an independent state and a member in the United Nations. This country has been invaded and 4,000 people from Panama were killed. Its president was arrested and transported as a prisoner of war. He was prosecuted as a criminal and placed in prison in another country.
This case has to be submitted to the general assembly. Noriega has to be released. This file has to be opened. How could a senior member in the United Nations attack another smaller country in the United Nations. How could it arrest its president, kill 4,000 citizens and take the president as a criminal and jail him. No one accepts this. This might happen again. We should not keep silent. We have to investigate it as this could happen to anyone. Anyone might be liable to his. Any country could be liable to this, particularly when the aggression is made by a state that has a permanent seat in the Security Council and is supposed to guarantee security.

Then we come to the war of Grenada. This island which is a member state of the United Nations was invaded with 7,000 soldiers and by 5,000 war ships and scores of fighter planes even though it is one of the smaller countries.
And this took place also after the establishment of the United Nations and the establishment of the Security Council. This state called Grenada was invaded and its president Morris Bishop was killed. How can we keep silent about this. Why do we ignore this tragedy. To issue a verdict on the United Nations whether it exists or not and whether the Security Council is useful or not and whether we are going the right way or the wrong way. Are we assured or not about our future? There have to be investigations. Then we will have investigations about the bombing of Somalia. Somalia is a member state of this assembly and of the United Nations and it was independent but it was bombed at the time of Farah Idid. Finally we have to investigate the results of the bombing. Why did it take place and why was it allowed?
The Yugoslavia war is known. A peaceful country like Yugoslavia which built itself brick by brick after it had been destroyed by Hitler has been destroyed once again by the second Hitler. This is illegal. Federal Yugoslavia was a peaceful country. It was built by Tito the champion of peace brick after brick and then after the death of Tito it was fragmented into pieces for personal, imperialist interests. We others how can we feel peaceful if the peaceful country of Yugoslavia which did not pose any threat to anyone was invaded. The general assembly has to investigate this. It has to see who to prosecute in the ICJ.
Then the Iraqi war, the mother of all evils. This has to be investigated by the United Nations. The General Assembly chaired by Ali Al Treiki has to investigate the Iraq war.

The Iraq war has four highly serious issues.
Firstly the invasion of Iraq itself is a violation of the charter. It is unjustified. Iraq is an independent state and member of the general assembly. Why should it be invaded? Where was the charter?

From the beginning I told you the United Nations has to deter any aggression. When Iraq invaded Kuwait they immediately came to the charter and said the United Nations has to deter aggression and we all agreed. Iraq's Arab sisterly states took part in the war beside foreign countries to deter Iraq's aggression on Kuwait. We were all against this invasion. But the Arab countries fought Iraq with foreign countries under the charter.
But when aggression took place against Iraq where was the charter? Why didn't we use it.

In the beginning the charter was sacred but then the charter was put into the dust bin and was ignored because they wanted to attack Iraq. Why didn't the United Nations deter the aggression against Iraq?
Ali Al Treiki has to launch the investigations by the general assembly. You have to reveal to the world why Iraq was invaded.
Everything is obscure and we might face such a fate. We have to investigate why Iraq was invaded.

Secondly after the invasion of Iraq there is mass cleansing. We have to investigate mass cleansing in Iraq. More than a million and a half Iraqis were killed. You have to show us the International Criminal Court where we are to prosecute those who committed mass cleansing against the Iraqi people.

It is easy to say Omar Al Bashir has to go to the court. It was easy for Slobodan to go to the court. It was easy for Charles Taylor to go to the court and it was easy for Hussein Habri and Noreiga. But those who committed mass cleansing in Iraq. Shouldn't they to to the International Court of Justice.
If this court was only to target us then we reject it and we don't acknowledge it. Either it treats everybody equally or otherwise we don't acknowledge it. Everyone large or small, has to be prosecuted in the International Court of Justice if he committed a crime.

We are not animals on a farm or on a ranch to be slaughtered when they like. We are nations that have the right to live in dignity to live freely and we are ready to fight and face death but we could not accept this situation and you may try us/
The third issue is the death sentence. How prisoners of war are being executed. The Iraqi president and his government, when they were captured, the states occupying Iraq declared they are prisoners of war and they would be prosecuted on such a basis. Then who executed the president? We know those who tried him, the judge in known but who executed him? He was put to death on the day of Eid Al Adha by masked men, Is this right? If this world is civilised and if they are prisoners of war in a civilised state and under international law why were they executed by a gang with masks. Who are those who carried out the death sentence? Do they have a legal authority? Do they have a legal mandate to execute a prisoner of war?
Do you know what the people say? Some people say it is the American president and the British president who were the masked gang which carried out the death sentence on the Iraqi president and his government. This accusation will stay until it is rebuffed. Why did they mask their faces. Why didn't they show their ranks? Why did they conceal their identity? Were they ranking officers, soldiers, a judge or doctor? How can we execute a head of state which is a member state of the United Nations in this ambiguous manner. So far we don't know who carried out the death sentence on the day of Eid. Those countries which occupied Iraq and arrested the Iraqi president and his government and tried them and executed them are those responsible. However the execution remains ambiguous and the United Nations has to answer for it.

Whenever there is a death sentence those who carry out the death sentence have to have a legal entity, legal powers and responsibility. Their ranks must be known and a doctor has to be present. There are a number of conditions, just to execute one ordinary person yet alone the president of a country which is a member state. This is the Iraq war.

The fourth issue in Iraq's war is the prison of Abu Gharib which is quite shameful. I know that America could investigate this scandal. However the United Nations should not abandon this case.

The General Assembly of the United Nations has to investigate the case of Abu Gharib prison where the prisoners of war were very badly treated and they were ripped by dogs and men were raped. This is unprecedented. No one ever did that before – even the devil would not behave like that. Prisoners of war were raped in the prison of Abu Gharib in a country that is a member state of the United Nations. And the instigator is a country with a permanent seat in the Security Council. What is this Security Council? This is a humanitarian issue and no one can keep silent about it. It has to be investigated. There has to be solution and the world has to know.
Up to now my brothers, there are a quarter of a million Iraqi prisoners of war in the prison of Abu Gharib and you have seen how they were treated. We will not forget this and we will not abandon this issue. It has to be investigated.

Then the war in Afghanistan. It has to be investigated. Why are we antagonising the taleban? Why are we antagonising Afghanistan. Who are the taleban? If the taleban want to establish a religious state in Afghanistan let them do so. We have nothing to do with it. It is like the Vatican. Does the Vatican pose any threat to us? No it is a very peaceful, religious state.

If the Afghans want to establish an Islamic emirate let it be like the Vatican. Who said the taleban are the enemy and has to be struck by the armies? Is bin Laden an Afghan. Is he a taleban. Bin Laden is not from the taleban and is not from Afghanistan. The terrorists who struck New York? Are they Afghans? Are they from the taleban? No they are not Afghani and they are not from the taleban. So why was Iraq and Afghanistan targeted?

If I want to deceive my American and English friends I would not tell them this. But I would encourage them and tell them go on, send more troops to Afghanistan and send further troops until they drown in a blood bath because they will achieve no result in Afghanistan or in Iraq.

You have seen what happened in Iraq. That took place even though Iraq is a wide open desert. Then what do you think of Afghanistan with these mighty mountains. No one could defeat it till the hereafter. They are just hitting the rock. They will scratch it but they will not demolish it. Continue the war in Afghanistan in Iraq. But I want to save them. I want to say these hapless nations. America and the other countries that fight in Afghanistan and Iraq. We are saying you have to leave Afghanistan for the Afghanis. You have leave Iraq for the Iraqis. Leave them even if they fight each other. They are free to do so. The civil war took place even in the USA. Nobody interfered. The civil war also took place in Spain and in China and in many parts of the world and nobody interfered. If it is a civil war let it go on. Leave it for the Iraqis and for the Afghans to fight each other – they are free.
Who says that if the taleban rule Afghanistan they will become a threat? Do the taleban have any intercontinental missiles? The airliner that hit New York. Did it come from Afghanistan or Iraq. These airliners took off from Kennedy airport in New York. So why do we go and strike Afghanistan. They are not Afghans, not taleban, nor Iraqis. Why should we keep silent about these things. Those who keep silent regarding what is right is like a silent devil. We won't be silent devils. It is our right because we are keen on world peace. We are keen on the destiny of the world. We do not want to undermine humanity in this manner.

Then after that Mr Ali Tereki, the general assembly has to launch investigations of the assassinations. You have to launch an investigation once again on the assassination of Patrice Lumumba. We want this recorded in our African history. How an African leader, an African liberator was assassinated. We want to establish who killed him and to record that for history so that our sons will learn history and they will known why Patrice Lumumba the hero of African-Congolese liberation was killed. Even after 50 years. And that act has to be denounced and those responsible have to be held accountable. This file has to be opened and we have to go back to the old documents.

Then we would like to know who killed the UN Secretary General Hamashold. Who bombed his aircraft in 1961, the same year in which Lumumba was killed. We want to know who bombed the plane of the UN Secretary General. We want to know who bombed it and who had an interest in that.

Then we come to Kennedy's assassination in 1963. The UN General Assembly has to open the file of Kennedy's assassination. We want to know why he was killed. He was killed by someone called Lee Harvey and someone called Jack Rubbi killed Lee Harvey, the assasin of Kennedy.

We want to know why this Jack Rubbi, the Israeli, killed the assassin of Kennedy. And Jack Rubbi himself, the killer of Kennedy's killer also died in vague circumstances before his trial. We have to return to these files and we have to know.
What I know and what the world knows and what we studied in history is that Kennedy decided to inspect the Israeli Dimona reactor to see whether it has nuclear bombs. That is the reason he was got rid of. As long as the case in international in this manner and it concerns world peace and weapons of mass destruction we have to open investigations into the reason why Kennedy was killed.

You should also open the file of Martin Luther King. This vicar who was a black activist and human rights campaigner and his assassination was a conspiracy. This file has to opened to establish who killed him and prosecute him.
And further more who killed Khalil Al Wazir the Palestinian Abu Jihad. He was attacked in a sovereign country, a member of this assembly. That is Tunisia where he stayed in its captial. But there was an attack by four warships, two submarines and two helicopters. The independence of that state was not respected as is clear from the assassination of Khalil Al Wazir.

How could we keep silent about such matters. If we keep silent there could be submarines coming to our countries and we could see warships coming to our coasts and pick up anyone they like without being held accountable.
Then we have the death of Abu Ayad. He was killed in very ambiguous circumstances. Then we have operations such as Al Fardan Operation and the Youth Spring Operation where Kamal Nasser was killed and where Kamal Udwan and Abu Yousif Al Najar were killed. These three Palestinians were killed in Lebanon which is a sovereign state and member of the UN General Assembly. We have to establish who killed them. We have to prosecute them so that such havoc is not repeated.

You would like to know as well why Maurice Bishop the head of Grenada was killed. We have tackled how Grenada was attacked, with how many war ships and troops. We said they launched an attack on Grenada with 7,000 soldiers, 15 war ships and scores of fighter planes. The president of this member state of the general assembly Maurice Bishop was killed. We can't keep silent about these crimes. Otherwise we will all become victims and sacrifices and every year it would be the turn of someone. We are not animals and we are not sacrifices. We are defending our existence, we are defending ourselves our sons and our grandsons. We are not afraid. We have the right to live. This globe is not only for the super powers. God created it for all of us. We should never live in humiliation.

Then we have to open investigations into the evil massacres of Sabra and Shhatila which claimed 3,000 human victims. This village was under the protection of the occupying Israeli army. Then a massacre was carried out of Palestinian men, women and children. Most of them were Palestinians. How could we keep silent.
Lebanon is an independent state and a member of this assembly. The area of Sabra and Shatila was occupied and 3,000 were slaughtered. Then there is the massacre of Gaza in 2008. And for your information there were a thousand woman killed an injured. And 2,200 children. It means that there were 3,200 women and children only. Fifty educational centres belonging to the UN were demolished. Thirty non-governmental organisations were demolished including international relief organisations. Sixty clinics were demolished.. Forty doctors and nurses were killed while they were doing their humanitarian work. That was the outcome the Gaza massacre in December 2008.
The culprits are still living. They have to be prosecuted in the international criminal court. But if the International Criminal Court is only targeting the smaller states and Third World countries this is not right. Those culprits have to be tried in the court unless it was not international. Then we would not recognise it. If it is international everybody is subjected to it.

As long as the International Court of Justice is not respected and its rulings not implemented and as long as the International Atomic Energy Agency does not include all countries and the general assembly is doing nothing and the Security Council is monopolised then the United Nations is nothing. There is no United Nations.
Then we come to piracy. This phenomenon may spread to all the seas. It could become a threat like terrorism. Let us tackle Somali piracy. I am telling you the Somalis are not pirates. The pirates are ourselves because we exploited all the fishing grounds. We undermined their livelihood. We undermined their economies and their regional waters.

All the ships of the world, whether from Libya, India, Japan or America exploited Somali waters and we are the aggressors. After the Somali state collapsed we came to pick up the remnants. The Somalis had to defend their marine wealth which is their food and the food of their children. Then they transformed themselves into pirates to defend themselves. They are not pirates. They only defend their livelihood. And now you are handling it in the wrong way. You are saying let us send warships to strike the Somalis. No. warships should go to strike the pirates who undermined the Somali wealth and resources. You have to strike the foreign fishing boats.
Anyhow I held a meeting with the pirates. I told them I would make an agreement between them and the world. The world has to respect the Somali economy area up to 200 nautical miles according to the law of the seas. All the marine wealth in that area belongs to the Somalis. The world has to respect this economic area. This is first.

Then second, all the countries should abstain from dumping hazardous waste in the Somali economic area of the Somali coast and in return the Somalis will abstain from attacking ships. We will draft this agreement and we will present it to the UN General Assembly. That is the solution. The solution is not more strikes against the Somalis.

What is worse is that their warships are preventing the Somalis from going into the sea for fishing. This is the wrong handling, this is the wrong approach. Our way of tackling terrorism is wrong.
Our handling of matters is actually wrong. If the vaccination for swine flu is produced and there could be more flus of God or flus of fish then the factories that belong to the intelligence operate and they sell at a high price. This is trade. They produce a virus and they spread it across the world so that capitalist companies gain money from selling vaccines. This is shameful. The vaccines are not to be sold. Medicines are not to be sold. You have to read the Green Book. It does not allow the selling of medicines. If we say the medicines are free and the vaccines are free and no viruses are spread because it is they who produce these viruses in order to produce vaccines. That is how capitalist companies work. This is the wrong approach. You have to declare that medicines are free and not for sale.
Even if the viruses are real we should not sell the vaccines. They have to be offered for free.

All these matters are submitted in files to be discussed by the UN General Assembly. It has nothing to do but this work.
Then we have the Ottowa agreement which bans the production, the shipment or sale of mines etc

This is wrong. The mines are not offensive weapons. They are defensive. The mines do not move. They do not attack. It remains wherever it is planted. That means you went to it. Why did you go to it? I would like to plant mines on the borders of my country because you are aggressing my country. Let your hand or leg be amputated. I urge you to review this Ottowa agreement. This appeal could be seen in the internet, in the website Al Qadhafi talks. This agreement has to be revoked or amended.
They want to deprive us even from the mines which are anti personnel. If I want to plant a mine in front of my home or farm then this is my way of defense. It is not offensive. You may cancel the atomic weapons the missiles and inter-continental missiles.

As for the Palestinian cause the two-state solution is impossible. I urge you not to speak about it. The only solution is one democratic state for Jews and for Muslims for Palestinians and Christians and all others – like Lebanon. The two state-solution is not practical and impossible. There can be no two neighbouring states which are to much overlapping. Any division will inevitably fail.
Firstly the two states are not neighbours but are overlapping from all aspects, population, geography and so forth. There are no states. You can't establish a dividing no man's land between them because it doesn't exist.

The West Bank has half a million Israeli settlers. The so-called Israel has a million Palestinian settlers. How can we establish two states. The world has to go to impose one democratic state without any religious, nationalist or linguistic bigotry. Bigotry is reactionary and it is time is well over. These are thoughts of the guard. The ideas of the Third World War. The ideas of men like Yasser Arafat and Sharon. All these are over. The new generation wants one democratic state. We have to exert every effort to impose on them one state where all people co-exist.

Look at the Palestinian youth. Look at Israeli youth. They want peace. They want to live in one state. This is the way to end this headache which undermines and poisons the whole world. The White Book has the solution for Israel. You have to consider it, Ali Al Treiki.

The Arabs have no animosity with the Israelis. They are cousins and they live with them in peace. The Palestinian refugees must return and they have to live peacefully in one state. It is you who make the holocaust for them. You burned them down in the chambers of gas in Europe. It is you who hate the Jews but we don't.
We have accommodated them, we protected them since Roman days and since they were expelled from Andulsia. We also protected them in the days of Hitler and from the gas chambers of Hitler. It is ourselves who protected them and it is you who expelled them. You expelled them and told them go and fight the Arabs.
Let us expose this reality. We are not enemies of the Jews. They are our cousins. The Jews will need the Arabs one day but the Arabs will not protect them as they did in the past. Let us have a look at what Tito did. What Hadrin did. What Edward 1 did and what Hitler did to the Jews. You hate them and you are anti-Semitic.
As for the issue of Kashmir in short in has no solution unless it becomes one independent state to buffer between India and Pakistan. It will become neither Indian nor Pakistani and the conflict will be over. As for Darfur I hope that the aid you sent to international aid organisations are transferred to other projects, development, industrial and agricultural. Darfur is now living in peace and there is no war. It is you who blew it up soas to interfere and establish a foothold for the sake of oil and you sacrificed the people of Darfur.

Why do I tackle all these issues? It is because we have to investigate these issues. Previously you have submitted the case of Al Hariri, God have mercy on him, to the United Nations. Why did you do so? Is it because you wanted to sacrifice the blood of Al Hariri and you sold the body of Al Hariri in order to settle scores with Syria. If it not so why did Lebanon, which is an independent state with a judiciary laws and police and everything and could determine who the culprits are. But in this matter it is not the culprits who are wanted. What is wanted is the settlement of scores with Syria and sacrificing the issue of Al Hariri and we will get nowhere in the issue of Al Hariri.

Therefore all the cases of Abu, Khalil Al Wazir, Kennedy, Lumumba, Hammershold should be transferred to the United Nations as the others were.

At any rate the UN General Assembly is chaired by Libya and this is its right. The work that could be done by Libya is to help the world in moving from one phase to another, from this world which is lost, bitter, shameful, terrorised and threatened to move to a more human world where there is peace and tolerance.
I will follow up this work with the General Assembly and with Ali Al Teriki and with the UN Secretary General because we will not be complacent and we will not be submissive regarding the fate of humanity.

Humanity has to struggle in order to live in peace. The struggle by the Third World and the smaller states, 100 of them in order to live in dignity and in freedom is a continued struggle and it has to continue till the end. Peace and blessings.